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Cano Island Osa Peninsula

Found 12 miles off the Osa Peninsula's western coast. Cano Island is a treat to visit. Armed with binoculars and a guide, travelers will have no trouble enjoying the island to the fullest. Intrepid naturalists enjoy hitting the trails while divers and snorkelers head for the water!

The rich archaeological sites found on the island counterbalance the intricate forest system. The island is believed to have a burial site for pre-Columbian indigenous from the mainland. These people and their beliefs remain a mystery buried beneath the growth of the primordial forest.

During your hike you will most likely see a great deal of artifacts, but refrain from touching or moving them. Pestles, corn-grinding tables and pottery have been found. Some of the most interesting pieces are large solid rock spheres scattered around the island. They are believed to have been used as markers for graves and are made of granite.


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